Ontario Advanced Buyer Strategies
Here's The #1 Way To Instantly Get The BEST New Cottage Listings 
Are you're living on the internet searching,  dreaming, hoping to find the ideal cottage?

Let's face it, searching the internet and the MLS® system for your cottage...well, sucks! 

Here's a few things to help you before plopping down a few hundred thousand or even a million bucks on your place!
 I Want You to Succeed in Finding 
I need you to read this before you go any further searching for a cottage. It will be worth the 2 minutes.

If you are searching for your cottage or home on 
the water  I'm assuming the following:
  •  You want to spend more time with your family and friends
  •  You want the perfect cottage or waterfront home ideal for your family
  •  You want your best interests looked after at all times
  •  Your want ALL your questions answered before a contract gets shoved in your face
  •  You want the joy and contentment of having your own place and the lake
  •  You don't want to be the one that pays WAY TO MUCH for your cottage
These are  simple things that most people want. My goals were similar.  When I got into this industry  my eyes were opened.. it was like an awakening... to everything)

So, why am I doing this...
The last thing I want to do is make promises but with this one I'm 100% confident, in what I am about to present, that you will learn more than you ever thought possible about the Ontario cottage real estate market. 

YOU WILL FIND OUT MORE about the region you are searching, the lakes, the areas, the pricing, the cottages and properties, what to watch for and so much more.

You will save time, will never miss the ideal property and are able to stop living on the internet searching for properties.

"Yeah, but Peter 'who the heck are you' to tell me 
anything about the way to find a property?"

Well... to begin, I am a Broker in Brockville, Ontario. I grew up playing on the lakes and the river where I live....and I LOVE you! 

I built and own the other waterfront site that covers Ontario....for years I have been helping Buyers learn more about buying on the water

I have connected Buyers with folks from across Ontario that specialize in the cottage market. 

Yet this is far more than that...

How the cottage and waterfront real estate industry works

It's kinda like my daughter swimming with sharks
(Cool eh! Freaks me out!)

No, I am no cutting down agents! Most work very hard trying to do a good job for you.

Its everything that you don't know that can have such an impact.

Yet, so many Buyer's constantly search the internet. They are hesitant to contact an agent that would bust their butt to help you find the ideal property for your family.
  •  THE PROBLEM: Your searching the MLS® system that is designed for SELLERS and AGENTS to market properties.  It is designed to have Buyers call the LISTING AGENT that is under a legal contract with the Seller
  •  YOUR SEARCH: Chances are you will never see the best new cottage listings. The ones that stand out, that are priced well and that are not going to last. 
  •  YOUR ON YOUR OWN: Agency law is clear.  Everything you tell an Agent when making an offer MUST be reported back to the SELLER.  Like, you whisper... "We can pay more but lets start here." 
I want you to be able to understand more
Here's What's Coming Up!
Discover the best of each region across Ontario with the most in depth reports created from the INSIDE of the real estate industry.
  •  A Training Series About Cottage Real Estate in Ontario: Reports, information with question and answer events all recorded for you to access at any time. 
  •  Live Interviews: Ask your questions and listen to the answers from others from across Ontario. In depth interviews with folks that specialize in each cottage region of Ontario. 
  •  A Private Membership Site: Your probably don't have time to watch the interviews live. All are recorded for convenience and also transcribed so you can read them if you prefer
  •  Other Industry Interviews: Have questions about something else? Perhaps financing, insurance, creating a rental, sharing a cottage, or even creating an AirBnB. 
  •  Meet the Waterfront Agents: I have interviewed  agents from across Ontario and these are the ones that I am sure you would love to work with. 
to the first 100 members
That's obligation, no contracts and no pressure!
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